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Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical coherence tomography allows us to image the eye in cross section.  It gives exquisite anatomic detail.

There are typically 3 types:

  • anterior segment
  • optic disc
  • macula

The anterior segment OCT helps us evaluate the cornea and look for angle abnormalities.  It helps in the diagnosis of glaucoma.  The optic disc OCT helps us follow patients with multiple sclerosis.  It gives us a measurement of the nerve fiber layer.  The macular OCT allows us to deduce if there is retinal swelling, sub-retinal fluid or scarring under the retina.

Optical coherence tomogram allows us to look at the structures of your eye and see the various cellular layers, and decide what type of drug therapy is necessary.  This test only involves looking into a machine.  It only takes a few minutes to perform.  We have both a Stratus OCT machine and a Cirrus OCT machine.

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COVID-19 Update

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