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Are You Looking for a Fresh Perspective?

Are you having vision loss, headaches, double vision, balance abnormalities or bulging eyes?

Dr. John G. McHenry is one of a few interventional Neuro-Ophthalmologists in the Dallas area.  He is a board certified ophthalmologist who performs surgery and utilizes all medical approaches to help you. He is fellowship-trained in Neuro-Opthalmology, Occuloplastics and Orbital Surgery. He has extensive experience in treating, rehabilitating and preventing vision disorders related to the nerves in and around the eye. Dr. McHenry takes a clean-approach to you: first he listens, runs preliminary tests and develops a differential diagnosis. Then he reviews outside tests and old records to see how his working diagnosis compares. From there, he develops and goes over a treatment plan with you. He will follow up with you to see if it is helping and changes interventions when necessary. Virtually all your neuro-ophthalmic testing can be done at a single visit, saving you valuable time and money. Our staff will work diligently to get you through your visit as quickly and efficiently as possible—just like a well-oiled machine.

Dr. McHenry helped train the next generation of eye doctors so you can rest assured that you are in experienced hands. He has over 10,000 patients who have optic neuropathies and over 1,500 with ptosis. His specialties include optic nerve disease, pseudo-glaucoma’s, pseudotumor cerebri, diplopia, nerve palsies, ptosis and lid retraction, tearing and thyroid eye disease and visual loss of undetermined causes.  

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